Retirement Research

"Crisis" Management: Uncertainty in the Workplace

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401(k) Data

UPDATED:  EBRI estimates of the changes in 401(k) account balances for July 2014, by age and tenure.

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Health Care Research

Lifetime Accumulations and Tax Savings from HSA Contributions

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Impact of 401(k) "Leakage"

EBRI Testimony for ERISA Advisory Council

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Want to Feel Better About Retirement?

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EBRI Media Coverage

A roundup of recent media coverage of EBRI research.

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  • EBRI Issue Brief – August 2014

    "Crisis" Management: Uncertainty and the Workplace

    With major changes sweeping both health and retirement plans in the private sector, are employment-based benefits facing a “crisis” or merely an uncertain future? A recent industry-wide forum sponsored by EBRI brought together a variety of experts to focus on the issue and the challenges ahead. Press release.

  • EBRI Notes – July 2014

    “Lifetime Accumulations and Tax Savings from HSA Contributions” and “IRA Withdrawals in 2012 and Longitudinal Results, 2010–2012”

    HSAs: With an ever-increasing number of Americans gaining access to health savings accounts (HSAs) via their employment-based health plan, how much could they accumulate for health care expenses in these accounts? The answer depends on how much is contributed to the HSA—a tax-exempt trust or custodial account that an individual can open and use to pay his or her health care expenses—as well as how much is withdrawn, and what the investment return and fees on the HSA are, according to new research by EBRI. Press release.

    IRAs: Individual retirement accounts (IRAs) are a vital component of U.S. retirement savings, representing approximately one-quarter of all retirement assets in the nation. But as a growing number of Americans head into retirement, how much are they withdrawing from these accounts—and will it last? Press release